Sunday Night D&D

Temple, continued (2)

We continued exploring the temple. We discovered a gelatinous cube and stayed out of its way, then we found some sort of ghost that caused Sunny and I to go running off into the temple. I became aware of myself in a dark hallway, the only light coming from a room I later identified as a little temple within the larger complex. I reunited with the group to find that Dak had killed (re-killed?) the ghost. We explored the temple room I had found. Dak picked up what looked like a set of prayer beads, and we filled a waterskin with water we thought might be holy. Aeris and I tried to convince Sunny to dip his mace in the water, but he was having none of it.

The xorn found us again. We gave him another gem and he told us about a “mean man” further on. The man appeared to be some sort of lizard mage. It sounded like he was down here to avoid being disturbed, and had put traps and creatures there (like the gelatinous cube) to keep intruders away. After we pestered him for some time he agreed to identify some of our items in exchange for us leaving. We the scimitar turned out to be magically sharp (keen scimitar +1) and the amulet protected the wearer from fire (amulet of fire resistance +5). Sunny took the scimitar and Dak took the amulet.

We descended to the next level of the dungeon where we found some goblins, and we proceeded to turn them into goblin meat.

May 22 - Temple, continued

We rested, then continued on through the temple. We found and slew two more mummies, adding another two sets of canopic jars to our collection. I can’t help but wonder if we’re carrying around these desiccated body parts for no reason – surely the amount we were paid for them the first time was a fluke.

Aeris was actually the one to finally take down both mummies, though we all deserve credit. I mean, everybody participated. Just because I didn’t manage to actually hit the thing doesn’t mean I wasn’t useful. Right? Let’s see them go without a healer next time…

Ahem, where was I? Oh, right, the temple.

We moved on from the mummies through a secret door we found that lead to a tunnel that seemed to stretch for the length of this entire floor. On one side of the tunnel was a pair of doors leading to some sort of underground greenhouse, and on the other side was another pair of doors, these two leading to a flooded room.

The greenhouse room was poorly lit, and Dak reported seeing a shocker lizard or two climbing around the bushes. The shocker lizards weren’t the actual threat here, though. It turned out the plants themselves seemed to have taken a dislike to Dak. They actually grabbed him and tried to strangle him to death, but we managed to beat them off of him. Dak insisted on exploring more of the room after this, and managed to get hit by a lightning trap of sorts. Either that or we pissed off a shocker lizard. He was okay, however.

Before opening the doors across the hall we had noticed that they were sweating at the bottom as if the room held knee deep water, so we punched a hole through the top of one door and peered in to see that, indeed, the room held knee deep water. And something was swimming in it. We opened the doors to let the water drain, hoping that would give us an advantage over whatever was in there. It turned out to be a group of naga. One of them got swept out with the water and was quickly killed. I think Sunny tried to intimidate the rest into surrendering, but he seemed to lose his train of thought halfway through his sentence and the rest of the naga attacked before he could recover.

Sunny actually took the brunt of that fight. A pair of the naga hit him with some sort of spell that sapped his strength. I’d say the man turned green, but he always did have a sort of greenish complexion. He looked very ill and weak after the fight. I had enough power left to cure him somewhat, but I had to tell him I needed to rest before I cleared him up the rest of the way.

During the fight I managed to take a good look at the weapon he was using – it was that damned disembodied fist we found a few weeks back! The bastard told me they had sold it in Dover. He evaded my accusations, and I suppose in the middle of a cursed temple wasn’t the best place to have that discussion. I will have to do something about that at some point, though.

We set up camp in one of the cleaner cells. Just as we were laying down to sleep the strangest creature popped up beside us and demanded gems. Aeris pulled one of the black gems out of the haversack and tossed it to him. He demanded more. Aeris lied to him we had no more, and he left. After he was gone, Sunny identified the creature as a xorn.

Other than that, the night was uneventfully. I prayed to Farlanghn to give Sunny his strength back in the morning, and he seemed fully back to normal. Unfortunately.

April 17 - Temple diving

After escaping the burning inn in Dover, we were questioned by the authorities about the men we killed outside, but we were quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. The priest who had ordered the men to kill us was found to have both a St. Cuthbert and a Nerul holy symbol.

We asked around at the temple of St. Cuthbert. The priests there were familiar with the dead man, but had no idea that he was a Nerul follower, nor did they know why he would be after us.

Sunny checked in on the orphan we left with the temple of Pelor and donated some more gold for her care.

Dak picked up barding for Max.

We continued on to Rocky Point, where Sunny checked in on his manor. It was in good shape; the work was finished. He ordered some more improvements and paid for some groundskeepers to keep the manor in good working order. The party toyed with the idea of making this their base of operations in the area and one day installing a vault where we could keep our loot.

Our next stop was Homestead, where we descended into the ancient temple again. We killed another mummy and some skeletons. A secret door led downstairs to an area that looked like a prison for undead, or a place where prisoners became undead. The doors had ancient dwarven written on them. We only deciphered one of them, which said something like, “suffer for eternity.”


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