Sunday Night D&D

Temple, continued (2)

We continued exploring the temple. We discovered a gelatinous cube and stayed out of its way, then we found some sort of ghost that caused Sunny and I to go running off into the temple. I became aware of myself in a dark hallway, the only light coming from a room I later identified as a little temple within the larger complex. I reunited with the group to find that Dak had killed (re-killed?) the ghost. We explored the temple room I had found. Dak picked up what looked like a set of prayer beads, and we filled a waterskin with water we thought might be holy. Aeris and I tried to convince Sunny to dip his mace in the water, but he was having none of it.

The xorn found us again. We gave him another gem and he told us about a “mean man” further on. The man appeared to be some sort of lizard mage. It sounded like he was down here to avoid being disturbed, and had put traps and creatures there (like the gelatinous cube) to keep intruders away. After we pestered him for some time he agreed to identify some of our items in exchange for us leaving. We the scimitar turned out to be magically sharp (keen scimitar +1) and the amulet protected the wearer from fire (amulet of fire resistance +5). Sunny took the scimitar and Dak took the amulet.

We descended to the next level of the dungeon where we found some goblins, and we proceeded to turn them into goblin meat.



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