Sunday Night D&D

April 17 - Temple diving

After escaping the burning inn in Dover, we were questioned by the authorities about the men we killed outside, but we were quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. The priest who had ordered the men to kill us was found to have both a St. Cuthbert and a Nerul holy symbol.

We asked around at the temple of St. Cuthbert. The priests there were familiar with the dead man, but had no idea that he was a Nerul follower, nor did they know why he would be after us.

Sunny checked in on the orphan we left with the temple of Pelor and donated some more gold for her care.

Dak picked up barding for Max.

We continued on to Rocky Point, where Sunny checked in on his manor. It was in good shape; the work was finished. He ordered some more improvements and paid for some groundskeepers to keep the manor in good working order. The party toyed with the idea of making this their base of operations in the area and one day installing a vault where we could keep our loot.

Our next stop was Homestead, where we descended into the ancient temple again. We killed another mummy and some skeletons. A secret door led downstairs to an area that looked like a prison for undead, or a place where prisoners became undead. The doors had ancient dwarven written on them. We only deciphered one of them, which said something like, “suffer for eternity.”



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